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China Study Tour: The Middle Kingdom



This is a collection of photographs and related notes from a study tour organized by the Graham School of the University of Chicago, commencing May 9, 2006, in Beijing, and ending May 19, 2006, in Shanghai.


The tour was a collaboration between the Graham School and the Beijing International MBA Program (BiMBA).


Professors Tony Liu, Yi Xie, and Jackie Qin from BiMBA served as our national guides in China, and presented several lectures on aspects of Chinese culture and history during the tour.


John Rogers, of the Midwest US-China Association was the tour leader.


My thanks go to John, Tony, Yi and Jackie for making the tour so worthwhile.


Other travelers in our group were Dick and Corinne Beutel, Karen Lamb, Llani O'Connor, and Dick Stuhr.


All of these photographs were taken with a Canon EOS-20D camera.


















Map of the Route We Followed:

Map of route
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