Yangshuo: Bike Ride, Yima, Yulong River, Xilang Shan


Yangshuo street

Yangshuo is a busy market town in a pretty setting.

Karst peak

Xilang Shan towers over town with a viewing pavilion at its summit.

We are on bikes
Bike riding

We rent bikes and set out to see some of the countryside around Yangshuo.

Karst peak
Rice paddy

We pass by karst peaks, agricultural fields and homes, on our way to a tiny village called Yima, on the Yulong River (a tributary of the Li River).


Bikes next to river

At Yima we park our bikes and explore the area.

In fruit orchard

We are invited to sample fruit from an orchard.

View from pagoda

A small pavilion overlooks the river just outside the village.

Riverside scene
Karst peaks

The peaceful river is surrounded by karst peaks and agriculture.

Panorama of river

Here is a panoramic view of the Yulong River at Yima. Use the slider to pan across the river.

Picnic rafts

These bamboo rafts seem to be set up for picnics or conferences.

Riding back to Yangshuo

We start back to Yangshuo. The roadside is lined with odd-shaped rocks.

Cindy, Ping and Dr. Ray as Santa Claus

At our hotel in Yangshuo, local guide Cindy and national guide Ping pose with Dr. Ray as Santa Claus.


Then some of us leave for an after-dark light show on the Li River near Yangshuo, which will be shown on the next web page.

Vegetables being unloaded from truck

We are up early the next morning, as the market town awakens ...

Town awakening

... because we intend to climb to the pavilion at the top of Xilang Shan.

View through round pavilion window

View of town from pavilion
Starting our descent
Tai Chi in park


Descending the steep trail from the pavilion we reach a park at the bottom, where some local people are practicing T'ai Chi (or something of that sort) in the crisp morning air.


Then we return to Guilin by motor coach, and take a flight from there to Kunming.