Li River Cruise

      Li River Cruise: Guilin to Yangshuo


Li River

Cruising down the Li Jiang River from Guilin to Yangshuo might be compared to a Yangzi River cruise, but there are significant differences. The Li river is narrower, shallower, clearer and much cleaner. The shallow-draft cruise boats make the trip downstream in about 4.5 hours (not days), and no one spends a night on these boats. The spectacular karst peaks surround the river all the way, and in many spots the limestone cliffs drop directly into the river within yards of the boats. Shore and river life continues as it has for centuries, and is almost close enough to reach out to.

Rock formations at shoreline
Man with ducks

This man has all his ducks lined up in a row.


Cormorants can also be lined up in a row.

Dock and buildings

We pass by a tiny village, or perhaps a vacation resort.

Crown Cave

Crown Cave, near the village of Caoping. But we do not stop for it.

Fisherman with birds

A timeless scene.

Limestone strata at water

Limestone strata slowly erode at the river's edge.

River and karst peaks

Dense bamboo grows in many places along the river.

Justin takes photo of Xiaoming

Justin gets his shot.

Kitchen at stern of boat

We are close enough to inspect the galley of the cruise boat ahead of us.

Pond with ducks
River scene
River scene
River scene
River scene
River scene

Camping on the beach, at Penholder Peak.


Mural Painting Cliff.

Women washing clothes
River scene
Arrival at Yangshuo

We arrive at Yangshuo all too soon. The water level is low in December.

Li River Cruise