Topes de Collantes

Topes de Collantes

For a bit of mountain air and a higher perspective on Cuba we drive up into the Topes de Collantes, a National Park with peaks up to about 1000 meters covered by lush tropical forest. These Sierra del Escambray Mountains are also ideal for growing coffee, and we will get a demonstration of coffee growing and processing at a research center in the park.

mountains with coast beyond

Looking back toward Trinidad. Mid-day haze partly obscures the view.


We are at the green dot marked "Altiplano Topes de Collantes".

coffee plant with beans
guide showing coffee beans

A wide variety of coffee beans are cultivated at the research center in the park.

coffee beans on pavement

The traditional way to dry the beans is to spread them out on a flat surface under the sun.


Our park guide shows how early coffee growers removed the husks.


Filtered coffee is prepared for us, as a skeptical cat keeps an eye on the process.



We admire some flowers and avoid hitting some goats on the way back down.

Topes de Collantes