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Hong Kong: Skyscrapers, Victoria Peak, City Life, Shopping, Night Skyline, Music Recital





We start our first day in Hong Kong by walking from our hotel to the Peak Tram, which will take us to the top of Victoria Peak, a prominent mountain next to the city on Hong Kong Island. On the way we admire the abstract shapes of the huge buildings of steel and glass around us, and on the abstract reflections to be seen in their shiny faces. At left is the Bank of China Tower, 367 meters tall with 72 floors, completed in 1990. The reflections below are seen near the Cheung Kong Center.

Reflections in building

Peak Tram

In 10 minutes the cable-drawn Peak Tram lifts us up the 27° incline to an elevation of 396 meters (right).

Foot of Peak Tram
Top of Peak Tram

The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower is above the upper terminus of the tram. Inside are shops and restaurants, and from the top there is a commanding view of the city.

Victoria Peak

The actual summit of Victoria Peak (here framed by high priced residences) is home only to antennas, and is not accessible by visitors.

Victoria Peak Circuit trail

Here we begin walking the "Peak Circuit", a level 2 mile trail that circumnavigates the peak.

Private home on Victoria Peak

While high-rise condos cluster on the slopes below, at this level there are private homes, in a tropical park-like setting.


Beyond the high-rise condos and apartments is busy Victoria Harbor.

Above, the building with the pyramidal top is Yat Chau International Plaza. Stonecutters Island is at top left.


At right, International Finance Centres One (left) and Two (right) tower over the business district. Tower Two is 415 meters and 88 floors in height.


Below, the building with the ball on top is The Westpoint (office building).

International Finance Centers 1 and 2

Apartment buildings

A high density of apartment buildings cluster around the business district.

Peak Tram ready to descend

Passengers line up to board the tram for the descent.

Muslim women in park

Muslim women enjoy an outing in Victoria Park.

Tennis court

Tennis practice at the Wan Chai Sports Ground.


Pleasure boats moored at Causeway Bay.

Yachts and tender

Yachts great and small at Causeway Bay.

Times Square Shopping Mall

Christmas shopping and festivities at the Times Square Shopping Mall.

Shellfish vendor
Poultry vendor

Live poultry vendor
Shellfish vendor

Meat vendor
Dry foods vendor

A different kind of shopping is possible at the Sheung Wan "wet markets".

Hong Kong cityscape at night

Panorama of Hong Kong at night in the Christmas season, as seen from Kowloon, with lights on parts of Victoria Peak behind. Use the slider to pan across the cityscape and skyline.

Clock Tower

Hong Kong's historic clock tower, at Kowloon.

Trolley and bus

Getting around the city on double-decker trolleys and buses.

Apartment and people

An impromptu music recital, at the Hong Kong apartment of Xiaoming's son Shuo. Left to right are Rick, Dr. Ray, Jenna (with violin), Shuo, Xiaoming, two local relatives of the family, and Lily.