England, 2007

This collection of images is from my June, 2007, trip to England, where I joined a small group of photographers led by John Baker of Travel Images. Over a two week period we visited Wessex, Cornwall, the Cotswolds, Midlands, Yorkshire and the Lake District looking for great shots in all the places John knows so well.


For this kind of travel photography, involving a bit less story line, I have dropped the narrative style in favor of an Adobe Flash picture gallery, with captions. The Flash picture gallery is created by an automated process in Adobe Lightroom, which applies a bit less sharpening to the photos than I have done for the narrative pages (e.g. Mongolia and South China). Please use the Contact or Comment pages to let me know how you feel about the format and sharpening, one way or the other. In the picture gallery you can either browse the photos manually or play them as a slideshow.


One more thing: if you would rather run the Flash picture gallery in a separate resizeable window, click here.