Welcome to my website. My purpose is to make some of my photographs and travel experiences available for others to enjoy or critique. Initially there will be only a limited amount of content, but I hope to find time to add more on a reasonably regular basis. I have been involved with photography most of my adult life, resulting in an accumulation spanning well over 40 years. This gives me a lot of material from which to choose.

My photographic interest has always been centered on scenic and travel photography, and I have been fortunate enough to have pointed my camera at many parts of the world. So that is the kind of material I will be putting here. Tourist photography, in other words (as some may sneer), but a tourist is what I have been and that is what I have to show.

Some of the photography I will show on this site has been privately published before in book form. I like the book form, because it allows narrative to place the photos in context, and it allows for the additional creative element of page composition. Some photos can be emphasized by size and shape, while others can be made smaller but still included for the particular reader whose interest is engaged. Readers can also set their own pace through the pages according to their interests. I am new to web publishing, but I intend to experiment with similar compositional techniques here as well.

I started out with 35mm film SLR photography in the 1960s, continuing with it until 2000, when I purchased my first digital camera. As digital camera technology has evolved I have gone through six different models. Currently a full-frame Canon EOS 5D Mark II is my primary camera.

Some of the elements I hope to incorporate (gradually) into this website are:

  • Photo galleries (some with, and some without narrative)
  • Book galleries (allowing page-by-page views of my photo books)
  • A means for site visitors to post comments, questions or critiques of what they find here
  • A blog in which I may write some short essays on various subjects (mostly photographic)
  • Contact information
  • A downloads page for certain materials
  • A private section for access by invitation only.

This will not all appear right away. I will add it as I learn how to, and as I find the time to do it. But thanks for your patience, and for your interest. I am a neophyte in the art of website construction; this is my first. I will be learning as I go, and undoubtedly there will be mistakes and misjudgments, so please let me know how I am doing, using the Contact Page. The tool I am using is Adobe Dreamweaver CS4.


This website went live March 1, 2009.

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